The appraiser of digital legacy/property is trained on how to find and evaluate digital assets. Creates an inventory of the digital assets in transfers e.g. investors or notaries. 

If focuses and these areas

Estimates for the areas of inheritance and wills.
This digital estate estimate will help heirs to transparantly distribute the total assets after death

Estimate in case of divorce.
This digital estat estimate will help with division of assets in the event of a divorce and the calucaton of e.g. alimony

Estimates in case of purchase or sale of companies
This digital asset valution will help to value the true value of usiness when selling or buying.

Estimates in case of property valuation.
This digital asset valuation will help value assets in case of liquidation, bankruptcy. exekutor

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Každý certifikovaný odhadce je proškolen v oboru digitálního dědictví má za sebou certifikační zkoušku a vlastní certifikát. 

You can find every certificated appraiser of digital legacy in these list including email, and phone.

The reward for work of digital legacy/property appraiser depends on the attorney/notary rate in each state.

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